All notarizations in Cyprus are done by Certifying Officers. You can order a notarization on a document (e.g. Power of Attorney or Agreement) where our notary will certify your signature. Once the document is notarized/certified, you can obtain Apostille on it.


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Notarizations Can be done on practically all documents that are being signed by someone (it is the same as verification of a signature). Click here to see example
Passport & ID Cannot be notarized, although we can use our lawyer to certify the passports and IDs. Click here to see example
Apostille Can be only obtained either on originally-issued government documents (e.g. Certificate from the Registry) or on documents that were notarized (e.g. Power of Attorney notarized by the Certifying Officer) Click here to see example
Let’s meet! In order to notarize/certify/legalise documents, you need to meet our certifying office or a lawyer. Once the order is made, we will call you to arrange the meeting as soon as possible.

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